DyVirtDynamic virtualisation: modelling performance of engineering structures

DyVirt is a European Union funded Marie Skodowska-Curie Action Innovative Training Network (ITN) led by the University of Sheffield (UK). The overall aim of this European Training Network is, to deliver a cohort of 14 Early Stage Researchers who will be given the skills to create new research paradigms leading to radically improved dynamic virtualisation in industrial practice. Funded by the European Commission via MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE Actions. Duration 4 years & Value £3.5M. A consortium of 5 Universities and 5 Industry Partners.

DTHIVE – Digital twins for high-value engineering applications

Digital twins are radically reshaping most aspects of modern technology. A key objective of a digital twin is that it can faithfully capture time-evolutionary behaviour of the physical twin. Significant value and advantage can then be obtained by monitoring data and anticipating changes that happen over time, e.g. for asset management, scheduling of operation and maintenance, extending operational life and increasing security and resilience, to mention just a few tasks. At present, there is only a very rudimentary understanding of how the time-evolution of a digital twin will work. Understanding more completely the dynamics and control of the twin across a range of time scales is one of the central research questions of this project. More specifically, it will focus on high-value engineering applications from aerospace to civil infrastructure.

TWIND – Facilitating knowledge exchange to support offshore wind growth

TWIND is a European Commission Horizon 2020 funded project with a total budget of 796 thousand Euros. Its main objective is to create a network of excellence that will dynamize a pool of specialized research professionals and trainees in the domain of offshore wind energy to support an emerging industry in Portugal in a field with a very strong anticipated growth and no dedicated existing training curriculum.

DAWS – Development of Advanced Wing Solutions

Consortium headed by Airbus

AMRC Report: Untangling the requirements of a Digital Twin.

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