Other Publications from DigiTwin Researchers

Dal Borgo, M.  The Real World’s Counterpart: Digital Twins – The present and the future. Using digital twins in the design of virtual sensing systems for aircraft ground-steering systems 43746 London, UK https://www.aerosociety.com/events-calendar/the-real-worlds-counterpart-digital-twins-the-present-and-the-future/
De Angelis.  ICASP 2019. Probabilistic risk assessment of fire occurrence in residential buildings: Application to the Grenfell tower  43611 Seoul, South Korea http://s-space.snu.ac.kr/handle/10371/153491
De Angelis.  JCSS workshop. Non-intrusive uncertainty propagation via sampling 43486 Delft, Netherlands https://rprepo.readthedocs.io/en/latest/introduction.html
De Angelis, M.  Computational challenges in the reliability assessment of engineering structures. Reliability analysis with Non-Laplacian uncertainty  24-25 Feb 2020 Delft, Netherlands https://reliabilityworkshop2020.com/
De Angelis, M.  Can we prove our digital twin wrong with parametric certainty?  43809 AMRC Sheffield, UK
De Angelis, M.  XP-resiliance Marie-Curie ITN – PhD School. Exotic dependencies in structural reliability 43720 Rome, Italy
De Angelis, M.  Solid Mechanics Seminar – Invited talk, University of Oxford. Digital simulation with uncertain numbers: feeding models with intervals and p-boxes 43760 Oxford, UK
De Angelis, M & Gray, N.  Royal Statistical Society International Conference. Uncertainty in Classification without gold standards 2-5 Sep 2019 Belfast, United Kingdom
De Angelis, M..  IACS seminar. Modus tollens: disproving models’ correctness with parametric certainty 43895 Long Island, NY, USA
Gardner.  Verification & Validation Symposium. Sequential Bayesian History Matching for Model Calibration 15-17 May 2019 Las Vegas, USA https://event.asme.org/V-V-2019
Gardner, P.  Nonlinear System Identification Benchmarks. Estimation of Model Discrepancy using a Bayesian History Matching and Importance Sampling Approach 10-12 Apr 2019 Eindhoven, Netherlands http://www.nonlinearbenchmark.org/
Gray, N.  Workshop on Human Reliability. Humane Algorithms 26-17 Nov 2019 Glasgow, UK
Gray, N.  SRA Annual Meeting 2019. Humane Algorithms 8-12 Dec 2019 Arlington, USA
Gray, N.  Machine Ethics Workshop. Humane Algorithms 2-3 Jul 2019 Dublin, Ireland
Gray, N.  5th SRA World Congress. Distributed decision making with poor data 6-8 May 2019 Cape Town, South Africa https://srawc.wpengine.com
Jamia N.  Workshop on Advances in Damping Modelling and Experiments. Identification of nonlinearity in bolted joints: modelling and experimental testing 43780 London, UK https://www.iopconferences.org/iop/frontend/reg/thome.csp 

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