Saeid TaghizadehResearch Associate, University of Sheffield

    After completing Maths and Physics diploma, I studied BSc in mechanical Engineering followed by five years teaching maths mechanical engineering modules and courses for the undergraduate students.

    In September 2017 I joined the dynamic group at the University of Sheffield to study MSc Advanced mechanical engineering and focused on the nonlinear structural dynamics supervised by Dr Graeme Manson. After successfully completing MSc, in Sep 2018 I started fully funded PhD at the University of Sheffield supervised by prof. Rob Dwyer-Joyce. I studied linear and nonlinear tribology using ultrasound and compare the findings with other conventional methods and techniques.

    Some of the areas I am expertise and have some  publications are: Nonlinear structural Dynamics; Machine learning; CAD and CAE; FEA;  linear and nonlinear contact mechanics; linear and nonlinear interfacial stiffness; linear and nonlinear material degradation; linear and nonlinear ultrasonic behaviour to detect lubricant degradation; Viscosity measurements and techniques; Friction measurements; NDT; Coding, programming, CAD and CAE software.

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