Riccardo MarrocchioPostdoctoral Research Associate, University of Southampton

    Riccardo Marrocchio (Southampton) obtained his BSC in Physics at the University of Rome La Sapienza in 2014 and his MSC in Physics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2018. During his studies he had the opportunity to study and develop various analytical and computational techniques to build mathematical models of complex biological systems, in particular of neuronal networks and of the hearing system. During his master thesis he worked in the Nonlinear Physics and Mathematical Modelling Laboratory at the Campus Bio-Medico University, in Rome, on the reconstruction of the functional and effective connectivity of neural networks from calcium imaging data.

    In September 2018 he joined the Signal Processing and Control Group of the ISVR at the University of Southampton as a PHD student. He is working on the development of a model of the micromechanics of the cochlea in order to understand how multiple local feedback systems can cooperate to provide control and stability of our hearing system, which results in its high selectivity and sensitivity.

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