Other researchers associated with (but not directly funded by) the project

David Barton (Bristol)

Areas of expertise; mathematical modelling for engineering applications, dynamics of nonlinear systems, systems with delay (mostly delay differential equations), vibration based energy harvesting, and numerical methods for dynamical systems (particularly in the area of bifurcation analysis)

Ludovic Renson (Bristol)

Area of expertise: structural dynamics, dynamics of nonlinear systems, numerical methods for dynamical systems, nonlinear model reduction, experimental testing.

Tom Hill (Bristol)

Areas of expertise: Nonlinear dynamics, Nonlinear modelling, System identification

Jason Zheng Jiang (Bristol)

Areas of expertise: Dynamic analysis and control strategy for linear and nonlinear systems, vibration mitigation, passive and (semi)-active suspension design, network synthesis theory.

Jim Woodhouse (Cambridge)

Areas of expertise; vibration of complex structures, mechanics of musical instruments, brake squeal & other frictionally-excited vibration, and identification & modelling of vibration damping.


Jerome Jarrett (Cambridge)

Areas of expertise; Aerodynamic Design, Multi-Fidelity Design, Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Spectral Projection Methods for Uncertainty Quantification

Tore Butlin (Cambridge)

Areas of expertise; vibration of complex structures with localised non-linearities, sensitivity & uncertainty in complex structures, turbine blade rotor / stator interaction, dynamics and control of oilwell drills, and friction-induced vibration


Rob Barthorpe (Sheffield)

Areas of expertise; novel experimental and data-modelling techniques, structural health monitoring, model-form uncertainty, and applications to aerospace structures, wind turbines & civil infrastructure.


Elizabeth Cross (Sheffield)

Areas of expertise; structural health monitoring, time series analysis, machine learning and nonlinearity in structural dynamics.


Nikos Dervilis (Sheffield)

Areas of expertise: Structural Health Monitoring (SHM): machine learning and pattern recognition techniques for data analysis, structural damage characterisation and non-destructive evaluation methods, Onshore and offshore wind farms, sustainable energy systems, Data analysis and information learning tools, Nonlinear dynamics and advanced signal processing.

Peter Green (Liverpool)


Stephen Daley (Southampton)


Maryam Ghandchi Tehrani (Southampton)

Areas of expertise; structural modification, active vibration control, inverse problems via eigenvalue assignment, robust
control, nonlinear vibration control.

Hamed Haddad Khodaparast (Swansea)

Areas of expertise: Structural Dynamics, Uncertainty modelling, propagation and identification, probabilistic and non-probabilistic methods, Aeroelasticity: Flutter, gust response. Morphing aircraft, Active and Passive, Vibration control, Robust design, Reduced Order Modelling, Composite structures