Vision and Ambition of the Project

The overall aim of this project is to create robustly-validated digital twins for dynamics applications. This is urgently needed to overcome limitations in current industrial practice that increasingly rely on large computer-based models to make critical design and operational decisions for systems such as wind farms, nuclear power stations and aircraft.

The specific research objectives of the project are:

  1. Design: specifically to create new design methodologies that can be applied to dynamic   systems that lead to significant improvements in confidence based on digital twin concepts
  2. Uncertainty management: to fully integrate quantification, propagation and management of uncertainty into the digital twin framework to radically improve the levels of trust available  
  3. Validation: to ensure that the digital twin framework can be robustly verified and validated

This project will empower industry with the ability to create digital twins as predictive tools for real-world problems that (i) improve design methodology leading to significant cost savings, and (ii) transform uncertainty management of key industrial assets, enabling a step change reduction in the associated operation and management costs. Ultimately, we envisage that the scientific advancements proposed here will revolutionise the engineering design-to-decommission cycle for a wide range of engineering applications of value to the UK.

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